Common Blackjack Myths

Like many games that have been around for centuries, blackjack has seen and endured its fair share of myths and misconceptions. This document will explain some of the falsehoods that are commonly associated with blackjack and its variations.

Myth #1 - The Big Win

At some point, every blackjack player on the planet will experience a losing streak. Although many players will simply chalk their losses up to bad luck, others assume that with so many losses behind them, a win is surely around the corner. While there is some mathematical basis to this myth, players should never assume that they will win big after a myriad of losses.

Myth #2 - Players Win with 21

Though it is true that one of the objectives in the game of blackjack is the creation of a hand of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over, the actual objective of the game is to beat the dealer--and a hand of 21 is not necessary to do so. In fact, players can win a hand of blackjack with a score of 15 in the event of a dealer bust.

Myth #3 - The Casino Conspiracy

In many cases, players who experience losing streaks will begin to feel as if the casino or the dealer is conspiring against them. Though a series of losses can certainly be frustrating, legitimate casinos and online venues are constantly being monitored for fair gaming practices. With that being said, consumers should understand that a losing streak is simply a period of bad luck.

Myth #4 - The Dealer has the High Cards

This myth can be devastating for players who always assume that the dealer has a phenominal hand and that they must win at any cost. Most of the time, players who adopt this manner of thinking end up busting because they are simply not happy with a hand of 18 or even 19. Players should always remember that the dealer's chances of winning are almost always exactly the same as the player's.

The four myths in this document are just a sampling of the misconceptions that keep players from enjoying blackjack to its fullest. While these should always be avoided, it is a good idea for players to stay alert and aware while playing the game.


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