Online Blackjack Bonus

When most people think of an online blackjack bonus, they are reminded of free money or hands that casinos give away to new and loyal players. However, this article will discuss the game known as Blackjack Bonus and how it provides players with even more ways to win.

How to Play

Blackjack Bonus online is played like any other game of blackjack. A player and the dealer are provided with cards and they must attempt to outdo one another with a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over. However, this game provides players with the opportunity to place an additional bet for a chance at winning a progressive jackpot; this jackpot can become quite large and surpass the payout for the hand that is the most difficult to obtain--the Royal Flush.

The Jackpot

When players ante up for a hand of Blackjack Bonus, they are also given the opportunity to place a side bet for a chance at winning a progressive jackpot. The cost of the side bet varies and often correlates with the table's minimum and maximum bets. For instance, if the minimum bet is $5.00 and the maximum is $50.00, it is safe to assume that the cost for the side bet will be somewhere around $10.00. The jackpot itself starts at a minimum amount that is also based upon the table minimum and maximums, though it continues to grow as more and more people place side bets and add to the pool of money.

Winning the Jackpot

In most cases, players who want a shot at the jackpot are required to bet the maximum on the same hand during which they place their side bet. In some online venues, the winner of the jackpot is randomly selected from among the players who placed a bet. Other times, however, players are required to complete very specific card combinations. In one variation of the game, players who successfully collect three diamond sevens are the winners.

Blackjack Bonus is a great way for avid blackjack players to spice up their gambling lives with very little expense. Though the side bet is not required for every hand, it is a good idea to make spending that extra money a common practice in order to win.


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