Strategies for Playing Blackjack

When it comes to online blackjack, many people often wonder why they lose money or why it seems so hard to win. The following tips will help new players--as well as experienced ones--understand the basics behind the game and how to win more frequently.

• When holding a hard hand of 10 or 11, the player should double if they have more points than the dealer.
• Treating the dealer as if they are holding 11 points, players should double when they have a ten against a two and also when they have an 11 against a two through ten.
• When a surrender seems like a great option but is not allowed, players should always hit.
• If soft doubling is not allowed, players should hit instead or stand on a soft 18.
• Players need to manage their money carefully, as well. They should limit themselves so that the game lasts longer and has a chance to generate more profit.
• Players should also memorize their favorite strategy charts and learn how to keep instincts and impulse moves in check.
• Blackjack should never be stressful. If this happens, players should immediately leave the table and come back when they are feeling more relaxed.
• Players should avoid taking insurance bets except for on very rare occasions. It is generally considered a sucker bet due to the low probability of winning.
• Take advantage of comps and freebies offered by online and bricks-and-mortar casinos. These are part of the casino's advertising budget and are offered to players for a reason.
• Players should avoid the blackjack tables if they have been drinking or if they are very tired. These two things have a huge impact on the decision making process and could lead to disaster.

In short, players who follow these rules will usually win more money more frequently than those who do not. By combining the tips and tricks found here with friendly advice from friends and colleagues, even new players will be playing like pros in no time flat.


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