Understanding Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a variation of the traditional blackjack game in which players are initially dealt two hands of cards. The player can determine which hand of cards to play or blend the two hands together in order to create one strong hand.

To Switch or Not to Switch?

When a player is deciding whether or not to switch, there are a few basic rules that players can use to help them along. As an example, a player who has one hand with a four and a King and another hand with a seven and a Jack may want to consider switching. Though both hands are considered weak, when the second cards are switched, the player ends up with one hand that consists of a four and a six and another that is comprised of a King and a Jack. The latter hand scores 20 points and is considered a very strong hand, indeed.

Using Switch to the Player's Advantage

In the example provided above, the decision to switch was actually quite apparent. After all, a two-card hand of 20 has a very good chance of winning the round. However, in most circumstances, the decision to switch is not as easy to make. Players must consider the number of decks in the shoe, the cards that have already been played, the dealer's up cards and many more factors that have a basis in mathematics. The best way to make these decisions is through the proper use of a blackjack strategy card specifically designed for Blackjack Switch.

Switching is Not Necessary

Though the primary shift in rules in Blackjack Switch is designed to allow players to create favorable hands, players who find themselves lucky may not need to do any switching at all. Two-card blackjacks--also known as naturals--are also winners in this game, and players who can achieve them without switching their cards are instant winners. In fact, sometimes rules will dictate when players and dealers are forced to hit or stand, just like in other variations of the game.

Players who enjoy blackjack but who are looking for something a little different will certainly enjoy the rule changes associated with Blackjack Switch. Though it is difficult to find in bricks-and-mortar casinos, there are plenty of online venues that host the game regularly.


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